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fierce laydee

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today in 3 selfies

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he’s fine

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Yay I finally got to color this! I saved in progress shots, was going to try to make a gif, but I need to figure out how exactly to do that. So anyways, just a drawing about new friends. This drawing makes me think about the performative stiffness I go through when trying to interact with a new person in my life. I love people and making deep connections with them. However, something about those initial phases are a lot of work. I know for myself I tend to feel awkward, stand-offish, and worked up. I especially freak out when I am invited to a new friend’s space. Thankfully, after a few tries and a couple of drinks I usually wind up making a wonderful friend. It’s not you - it’s me.

Molly Mendoza

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this game is incredible. 

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Yo yo yo, lets finally play this game my fellow Americans!!!